Defend the Castles!

After yesterday’s post where I introduced you to freestanding lace for a castle design, my daughter was straight on the phone saying that she wanted two for on her mantelpiece. So that has kept the old machine chugging today. They look effective with the LED tea lights in them though……

I initially tried to be clever and stitch one out with silver thread but didn’t get very far….

A quick delve into the statistics of the design showed me that it required 147,000 stitches but, more importantly, 434 metres of thread. No wonder I ran out of silver, I only had a 200m reel! I have ordered a 1000m spool to continue with it but with the present trading conditions, I may see it by Christmas. At least it will make a nice Christmas decoration, eh what?

Despite then knocking out two castles, 294,000 stitches and close to 900m of white thread, I still had to indulge in a little bit of colour so a measly 14,000 stitches and 12 colour changes gave a lovely Jacobean Rose.

That’s it for today folks. Another day to look forward to tomorrow so make the most of it. Take care now.

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