Trials and Tribulations!

Stitching was slow for yesterday as my machine threw a wobbly. The needle threading mechanism failed to fulfill it’s duties which prevented me getting started. The old eyes are not suitable for manual threading so Hubby had to get his toolbox out. Not a pretty sight to see my lovely machine spread in pieces across the desktop. Progress was slow until he decided ordering a new part would cure it. He placed the order and then went back to the machine. Sure enough, within a few minutes it was back together and working fine. I don’t know why this always happens but the machine is fine and the new part will be here in a few days as insurance against it happening again.

Let’s get STITCHING!!!!!!

Perhaps a nice Peonie to start with. 40,000 stitches and 9 colours to get rolling on.

Another worry is the rapid depletion in thread stocks coupled with slow turn around by the suppliers. I was starting to worry that the fun may come to an end. Especially when the one supplier emailed to say that they were cancelling all orders and going off to self-isolate. Google, google, google. Here’s a new supplier, different range of threads but when needs must…. Placed an order with fingers crossed. Only a couple of hours later got an email to say the order had been posted. Looking good Folks! Just have to see how good the thread is when it arrives.

Enough waffle, another design coming off the end of the production line. It’s a bright and joyous tribute to Spring. 55,000 stitches and 15 colours to fill the afternoon.

All that picture is missing is a nice Butterfly, so let’s go do one of those. I’ll post a picture tomorrow as I will need to wash the stabiliser away and they never look good whilst they are wet.

See you tomorrow, Peeps.

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