A Lazy? Day

I’ve had a lazy day today, so far as embroidery goes. With the lovely sun and warm temperatures that we have had today, the garden beckoned. So it has actually been anything but lazy!

However, I promised you a pic of the Butterfly that I stitched out yesterday so here it is….

27,000 stitches and just 4 colours. It is now pinned to the Quilt Wallhanging that I sit facing whilst stitching. If I sit facing that, what is behind me? What else but…

Sewing Machines

Sewing machines! Hubby loves taking things apart and restoring them. Trouble is that I need to keep him away from my machine or else this happens.

That’s my previous embroidery machine 2 days after buying it. Mind you, it did stitch beautifully afterwards, AND he went and bought me my big Monster because I enjoyed it so much. So I couldn’t complain (too much) when he bought himself this :-

which is the first domestic computerised sewing machine from 1978. Mind you, he could have bought 100 of them for what he paid for mine.

Well, I’ll leave you be to enjoy yourselves and see what tomorrow holds. Weeds or stitches?

Take it easy Folks.

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