It’s been a while….

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post but the machine hasn’t been idle. Firstly, I decided to stitch out a Victorian Birdcage in free standing lace, to go with my castles. It may be small, at under 4 inches tall, but it still took a massive 187,000 stitches, although all in one colour.

You’ll notice the daffodil photo-bombing that picture as well. I have now got four of them in various locations around the house, and also stitched out a trio to pass on to my daughter as an Easter present. (Please excuse the glass and packing tape base. I didn’t have any Oasis to hand.)

Then it was time to get back to some more wall art. I’ve done a birdcage, how about some birds? A bright cheerful pair of Australian Parrots, just 55,000 stitches and 34 colours. I don’t think they will fit into the cage though.

A bit more freestanding lace now I think, being as the daffodils looked so nice. 60,000 stitches and 14 colour changes resulted in a delightful little Rose to join the daffodils.

In these austere times, locked down and only allowed out for shopping and exercise, let’s combine the two. Jump on your bike and go fetch your “essentials”.

52,000 stitches and 20 colours.

However, I prefer to get the local farmer to deliver my fresh supplies. Must obey the government and “Stay at Gnome!”

43,000 stitches and 26 colours, stitched out on coarse hessian sackcloth to maintain the ambiance.

To change the subject, I love succulents, they are close to my heart. So here is a heart of succulents to prove it.

76,000 stitches and 14 colours.

Well, this has turned into a long post. However, it is now time to fly, so here is the ideal thing. Another Butterfly to my collection.

45,000 stitches and just 15 colour changes this time.

Now it really is time to fly, so stay safe out there and enjoy yourselves if you can. Just keep it legal!

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