Starting From Scratch.

Well now, the last few days have been a deviation from norm in that Hubby and I have been trying to fulfill a commission for a Football Club logo. As we haven’t done any digitisation before it has been a pretty steep learning curve. Hubby purchased Embrilliance Stitch Artist 2 and set about learning to use it. A few false starts, lots of curses and a couple of failed stitch outs got us to here.

That ‘little’ design is 200mm x 280mm, using 128,000 stitches and a colossal 750 metres of thread. All in all, not looking to bad. It has gone out of register in a couple of spots and was very heavy going towards the end as it is so thick but hopefully we can tweak the stitch file and get a saleable version out next. Just need to order more thread and then find the 8 hours of machine time necessary to stitch another one out.

Now to unwind…….. It’s spring time and the cherry tree outside looks beautiful so let’s do one of those.

And to finish the day, some butterflies to remind us of the sun, which has been conspicuously absent today here in Brum.

Thats all, folks. Stay in, stay safe, and don’t give the NHS any more workload. Bless them!

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