Ice Cream Sunday

Actually, it was an Ice Cream Weekend. Saturday I stitched out a delicious ice cream cone, jam packed with vibrant flowers. As we can’t be together, I sent a picture of it to my Daughter who immediately placed her order. Hence I spent Sundae stitching out another Ice Cream Sunday. Or was it vice versa? Any way, 72,000 stitches and 23 colours in each helps to stave off lockdown boredom.

The Postman came today with fresh thread supplies so I am now going to stitch out Hubby’s Heraldic Lion again, hopefully to be the final version ready for sale.

Take care out there everyone and join me in wishing for the ‘bubble’ lifting of lockdown so that we can get to see our loved ones again. I’m missing my Daughter and Grandkids, bless them.

Keep well, keep safe, keep out of trouble, and , above all else, ENJOY YOURSELVES!

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