Where does time go?

I thought this lockdown malarky was supposed to leave people feeling bored? I don’t seem to be able to get around to doing what I enjoy, there’s always too much else demanding my time. However, I have been able to get a few sessions on my machine so I have some new designs to introduce you to. Firstly I went out of season and stitched out a colourful Autumn Blossoms Wreath with 19 colours and 69,000 stitches.

Now for a bit of wildlife, although this little fella, a Sweet Baby Tiger, doesn’t look particularly wild to me! 11 colours and 70,000 stitches gave a little darling that my Granddaughter loved, so I had to stitch another one straight away.

He’s a pretty little fella, isn’t he?!

So it’s back to the flowers. Let’s stay seasonal this time with a Bright Flower Spray of spring flowers. Lots to do on this one, 29 colour changes and a massive 120,000 stitches, but it gave a nice large piece of artwork to go on the wall.

Staying Floral, but in a stylised way next. A Blissful Floral Medallion in a geometric design. Something different, eh what! 82,000 stitches although only 11 colour changes. It looks a bit puckered in this picture but it was fine once I glued it down to artboard. Mind you, I say “I” but actually I get hubby to do the sticky stuff.

I need to do this posting lark more regularly, this one is getting quite long!

After the Granddaughter having the little tiger, my Grandson requested a Hogwarts badge! That is something that is not in my usual repertoire so Hubby had to do a trawl of the internet and found some suitable designs on Etsy. We downloaded them and stitched them out but weren’t over impressed. They were between 10 and 20 thousand stitches each and about 10 colours but looked quite dull as you can see.

They only measure about 70mm square so I set Hubby loose on his digitising software to produce a more striking design, and a little bit larger. We ended up with a design 200mm by 230 mm, using 21 colour changes in 104,000 stitches. On to the machine and four hours later we have this……..

That looks more cheerful. I’m sure my Grandson will appreciate that.

Well, we are now up to date, except for the design that is merrily chortling away on the machine at the moment, but you can see that one next time.

In the meantime, it’s the usual instructions. Stay home, stay safe, stay out of trouble, and if you can’t do the last one, don’t get caught. The first two aren’t optional. Most of all, Enjoy Yourselves!

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