In my previous post (in March!) I said that lock down had left me busier than ever. That certainly hasn’t changed and, along with “I’ll do a blog post tomorrow……” we have reached the end of November.


How did that happen? Could be something to do with the sunny weather drawing us out on to our decking.

Doesn’t look too bad until you look underneath. It’s rotten! I tried jumping up and down on it to see what would happen…….

Oops! I think it needs a little bit of attention. Hubby and I roped the Girls in to help and knocked up a replacement. A bit of recycled plastic, a few bits of glass and some oddments of rope. Mix them all together and say the magic word…..

That looks a bit better, as well as much bigger. Gives a nice place to enjoy the sun. All I need to do now is find something to do with all the wood left from the old one.

Let’s try that magic word again……

Now I need to get planting! Will I ever be able to get back to my embroidery (and the subsequent blog posting).

All done with the help of my little helper.

Meet Tiny, my chihuahua/yorkie.

So that is where my Summer (and Autumn) have gone, and why I haven’t had chance to dance across the keys to keep the blog going. I’m still here, still alive, still lockded down and still trying to cram too much into each short day. I promise, though, that I will list my latest designs shortly. Perhaps tomorrow?

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