A little bit of variety

Rather than just stitching out pictures, I decided to add a little bit of variety to my repertoire. How about stitching a free standing castle? The number of stitches that the machine lays down leaves the finished article quite thick so here is the result of lots of stitches on a dissolvable backing which washesContinue reading “A little bit of variety”

Spring has sprung….

Spring has sprung, The grass is ris’ I wonder where de birdies is? Well, here’s a delightful little robin, sitting in an idyllic church yard on a bright spring morning, surrounded by daffodils and spring flowers. Enough to warm the cockles of your heart. 95000 stiches and 42 colour changes.

I need more time!……

My poor machine is feeling worn out, I’ve worked it so hard. The first design I did was a lovely Goldfinch in a spring meadow. 99000 stitches and 34 colour changes. I thought this one would look quite nice on a circular background so out came the artboard and glue. I believe the result isContinue reading “I need more time!……”

Back to the Embroidery….

Now that the wall hanging is finished and in place, I couldn’t resist a quick stitch out. 93000 stitches and 39 colour changes took 5 and a half hours, which produced this lovable Mother and Child picture. Now it needs to be mounted on artboard (hubbies job!) and then I’ll show him which bit ofContinue reading “Back to the Embroidery….”

A Break from Embroidery

I haven’t used the embroidery machine for a couple of days as I have been busily finishing off a quilt topper that my daughter Julie had stitched. I have converted it to a wall hanging to brighten the wall behind my trusty machine. I now have a better view whilst watching the stitches being laidContinue reading “A Break from Embroidery”

A nice display of Roses

Presenting the latest design. This is the one that was on the machine in the previous post. It contains 138000 stitches over 13 different colours with a stitching time of 300 minutes (5 hours). Overall, the stitching took over 7 hours due to stops for changing thread colours (29 changes!) and replacing the underthread bobbinContinue reading “A nice display of Roses”

An introduction to The Monster!

I would like to introduce you to The Monster! which is the name it got when I removed it from it’s box. It definitely is a monster compared to my previous machine. However, it has enabled me to produce some outstanding works at a far more reasonable size than the small offerings coming from it’sContinue reading “An introduction to The Monster!”